Найперші фотодокументи про жертви концтаборів

(Взято з Галереї ганьби). Ліззі ван Зейл. Померла від голоду в концтаборі Блумфонтейн. "She was a frail, weak little child in desperate need of good care. Yet, because her mother was one of the m" undesirablesm "due to the fact that her father neither surrendered nor betrayed his people, Lizzie was placed on the lowest rations and so perished with hunger that, after a month in the camp, she was transferred to the new small hospital. Here she was treated harshly. The English disposed doctor and his nurses did not understand her language and, as she could not speak English, labelled her an idiot although she was mentally fit and normal. "" At the end of the war when the British started putting women and children in concentration camps, 27 900 of them died. Of these 22 000 were children under 16 years of age. This is seven times the number killed on the battlefield. The mortality rate for children under the age of 16 in the Transvaal was 509 per 1000 per annum. The figure for children under 16 in the Orange Free State was 489 per 1000 per annum. "

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